Accessibility Audits

The access audit identifies barriers that may exist in the present infrastructure and make recommendations to overcome them. All the good features that exist are also highlighted in the audit.

Access Consultancy

Svayam also provides consultancy services to help organizations incorporate accessibility at design stage itself and also while the project is executed to ensure that the end product is compliant to the accessibility requirements as mandated by domestic legislations.

Capacity Building

While the access audit recommends ways of making a building or service more accessible, there may be areas where structural design may not allow much change.

Svayam, in its two-decade long journey, has worked with several ministries, departments and organizations to bring about path-breaking changes in the accessibility landscape of India. It has helped in making many landmark sites and buildings including the Qutub Minar accessible to the people with reduced mobility.

It is also a regular participant at many national and international forums to support the cause of accessibility as well as exchange the best practices and tech innovations in accessibility sector.

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