Svayam, in its two-decade long journey, has worked with several ministries, departments and organisations to bring about path-breaking changes in the accessibility landscape of India. It has helped in making many landmark sites and buildings including the Qutub Minar accessible to the people with reduced mobility.

It is also a regular participant at many national and international forums to support the cause of accessibility as well as exchange the best practices and tech innovations in the accessibility sector.

Svayam is a regular participant at:

  • TRANSED (International Conference on Mobility and Transport for the Elderly and Disabled Persons)
  • International Transport Forum (ITF)
  • International Accessible Tourism (ICAT)

In 2010, ‘Svayam Accessibility Award’ was instituted to promote and recognize the concept of Accessibility and Universal Design in all spheres of our lives to make way for livable communities – in both the rural and urban scape.

Svayam is also a member of many national and international committees including:

  • Core Committee on Accessible Tourism (Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India)
  • Standing Committee on Accessible Transport & Mobility (ABE60) by the Transport Research Board (TRB) of National Academics, USA

Svayam is a winner of many prestigious national and international awards including:

  • GAATES Award, 2015
  • National Tourism Award of Excellence (2009), won jointly with the ASI for making the World Heritage Site of Qutub Minar accessible for all

Svayam is the official Secretariat for TRANSED Conferences

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